My name is Germien


and my passion for Persian cats goes back to 1985 when a small white cat joined our family.

Her name was Reynaerts Gipsy and she was a part of the family for 18 years.

My husband (André) passed away in April 2015, until then we have shared our passion for persian cats. My two sons (Remco and Walter) carry the same love for persian cats.

Breeding healthy, endearing and beautiful Persian cats has become a personal goal and a feature of my Cattery. Dark colored Persian cats have been my favorites, especially the red ones.

 In the year 2007 a marvellous white male (GC Kitty Charm Artic Chill) joined the Callisto family.

Artie, as we call him, obtained the title of “Grand Champion”  in one show.

This beautiful male, with a lovable personality, is one of the reasons why lovely white colored cats (as well males as females)  have joined the Cattery in recent years.